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“SHI MIAO DAO” Yunnan rice noodle – A 100-year-old cooking tradition now in Toronto.

Shi Mia Dao brings to you a novelty dish called ‘Yunnan Rice Noodle’ all the way from Yunnan, China.


– July 14th – July 28th
– 20% OFF for all orders

Invite friends and family to enjoy delicious Chinese rice noodle

We have two locations:

Our original rice noodle is made of pork, fungus, white fungus, carrot, egg, ham, corn, and other healthy elements, which makes it so ravishing! The soup is made like a bone soup which is cooked for a whole night.

With our original recipe and cooking process, our rice noodle will get you closer to the culture of Yunnan, China.

About the Rice Noodle

The glijering and translucent rice noodles contain the essences of all things in Yunnan. The refining process is done using hands in the ancient town of Gu Zhen. Every bite is tender, chewy and savory. Each strand of noodle exudes an aromaLc rice scent.

About the Soup

The finest selection of ingredients are combined to create the most savory soup, inspired by the colourful cuisines of South China. Within 10 seconds, the taste will transport your mind and body to Yunnan. This perfect balance between nutriLous and delicious creates a new brand of excellence. All hail the crossing bridge noodles.

Special side dishes and drinks


“SHI MIAO DAO” Yunnan rice noodle – A 100-year-old cooking tradition now in Toronto.
Nothing can be more AUTHENTIC than this!

The legend of “Crossing the Bridge Noodles”

Once upon a time, there was a scholar who was studying very hard for his imperial exam on a small island in the Yunnan Province, China. The only way to get to the island was to cross a bridge. The scholar’s wife used to go to the island everyday to deliver noodle soup to her husband. However, by the time the soup got to him, broth was cold, and the noodles were soggy. The scholar would not enjoy his meal and ended up being weak. This was a matter of huge concern to the wife. Her concerns gave rise to a great idea. She started to prepare her noodle soup with chicken oil on the surface, and various meats and vegetables in a heated earthen pot. The scholar’s health began to improve, and his body and mind grew stronger as he was served with warm food everyday. In the end, the scholar became a successful candidate in the imperial examination. Since then, this story has been passed down through word of mouth among the residents of that province and the soup became to be known as “Crossing the Bridge Noodle”. 

Fact: The traditional of eating rice noodle has been in China for more than 100 years and originated in Yunnan Province, China.  

Now, people in Toronto can taste the ‘Authentic’ Yunnan rice noodle which is a classic Chinese food heritage.

The bridge rice noodle belongs to the Dian cuisine in China, the scienLfic combination of organic vegetables and brand meat, which can make the rice noodle taste unique, light and not greasy. When eating, put eggs into the pot first, after that put raw meat and vegetables and at last put the rice noodles. 

“SHI MIAO DAO” Yunnan rice noodle is a heritage of Chinese traditional food culture. The restaurant has an unique decoration style with service that makes you feel happy and warm with a homely feeling. The ingredients of rice noodle are purely healthy. With a special bottle of juice, you are sure to impress people who come to taste it.

“SHI MIAO DAO” Yunnan Rice Noodle, take you a taste tour to Yunnan China

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Invite friends and family to enjoy delicious Chinese rice noodle

We have two locations: